Sunday, February 9, 2020

Preparation of Business Plan Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Preparation of Business Plan - Assignment Example However, it is possible for more successes to be reached in new entrants because the target segments of customers in the travel agency market in Singapore vary a lot. By focusing on some potential business opportunities witnessed in the Singaporean tourist market, business investors can expect to achieve pleasing business successes. The name of the travel agency to be started is Enjoy life to the fullest. As is indicated in the words included in the name of the travel agency to be started in Singapore, the major values proposed for operating the businesses are facilitating in the process for people to enjoy their life as much as possible by going on interesting trips to the different tourist attractions in Singapore. Instead of passively following the arrangements made by the travel agency in the form of tour trips, the travel agency to be started will emphasize on the participation of the tourists in making an optimal tourist plan for achieving their expected tourist purposes in Singapore. Under the competitive business environment of the travel agency industry sector in the current times, inspiring the tourists to take part in the process of making the practical and detailed tourist plans would enable the customers to enjoy their trips to their selected tourist attractions on more occasions. The competitive a dvantages of the travel agency to be started in this business plan will be expected to be improved compared with the business rivals in the Singaporean tourist market.   In addition to that, the travel agency to be started in Singapore will also focus on providing more considerate services to cater for the needs of reaching smooth communication in the process of offering tourist services for the customers from different countries. Interpreters that can speed different languages used in different countries of the world will be employed as service staffs to help reach a smooth communication with the tourists from different places of the world. That

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