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Essay about My Core Values - 985 Words

Tamneicha Mcdavid Prof.Beck ENC 1101 July 30, 2009 Example Essay My Core Values As I have grown as an adult and moved further towards success in my life, I have always maintained a guided structure to achieve goals and tasks that challenge me. I call these my â€Å"Core Values†. This is a strict regimen or a belief system that I have instilled into my everyday practice to complete any task that presents itself. Although not perfected, I have found this method to be quite successful. My work ethic, responsibility, and my drive to further my education and knowledge have never failed me. Life can seem tough and demanding on a very consistent basis, but I believe that I have cultivated a plan to accommodate and withstand any trial The first†¦show more content†¦To build responsibility as a child I volunteered to take care of my family dog. Even though she was the family’s pet I took it upon myself to make sure she was properly fed, watered, and walked. My mother was very proud of my new development as an adolescent. She became very encouraging and would come up with other special chores around the house that I could be relied upon to handle. To some children this would seem like a punishment, but both of my parents were so supportive and persuasive that I looked forward to having the gained accountability. My father instituted honesty and respect as monuments for responsibility. I of course struggled at times with taking care of my dog, and handling some of my other chores. But my father always wanted me to not only be honest with my parents, but also with myself. He stated that a lie would not benefit anybody and it was disrespectful to tell a lie. He would tell me that a liar was the same as a cheater, and nobody liked either. If I knew how to respect others and be honest, than my responsibility would only increase. I asked why I would want added responsibility and my father told me two things that changed my perspective completely. First, it was that responsible people always tended to be more successful. Since I had always dreamed of growing up to be rich and famous, I guess I could accept the added responsibility. The second thing he told me was that one day I could possiblyShow MoreRelatedMy Core Values700 Words   |  3 Pages Core values shape who I am as a person. The values that are important to me are faith, determination, optimism, happiness and humor. These values help me to determine what is truly important to me and guide me in good decision making. My family has handed down these values from generation to generation. Faith is number one on my list. In 2009, when I was 12 years old I suffered a ruptured brain aneurysm and stroke. Although I was in a coma, I know that the one thing that my family heldRead MoreMy Core Values Essay940 Words   |  4 PagesMost people have core values that make up who they are. Many dont realize that it influences their life decisions every day. Everyone is different which means they have different values. My core values that make up who I am, have connections to each other in my point of view. They mostly come from the way I was raised and taught by my parents. The main and most important people in my life either protect my core values or distract me from them. The values that define who I am are honesty from theRead MoreMy Personal Core Values858 Words   |  4 Pagesduration of this course my morals have been reshaped; first, we discussed personal responsibility, then professional responsibility. Each of these components must be integrated in a student†™s life to ensure a successful and ethical career down the road. Five predominant values that influence my life on a daily basis are responsibility, accountability, integrity, achievement, and respect. Responsibility is a value that has been integrated in my mind since early childhood. Both my parents always heldRead MoreCore Values In My Life1223 Words   |  5 PagesThe values of academics, excitement, and independence are the three core principles that serve as the foundation of what makes me who I am today. Each of these three values was cultivated by my experiences throughout my childhood, teenage years, and my recent introduction to adulthood. They are the casing, needle, and magnet that forms the compass that guides my actions and decisions in life. However, despite the positive connotation of the word values, not all of what I hold dear as a principleRead MoreMy Core Personal Values918 Words   |  4 PagesMy personal values presumably act as a basis to recognize between what is right and wrong and thus, determine my daily actions and em otions. My mother, Jo Ann Smith and my education have both played profound roles in the development of my core personal values: personal integrity, responsibility, and ambition. Additionally, these influences have demonstrated that the rule-based approach determined what conduct is consistent with these key values. Before I was the age of 6, my parents were divorcedRead MorePersonal Statement : My Core Values2725 Words   |  11 Pagesstate my personal developmental plan that lists my strengths and weaknesses, recognizes patterns of behaviors that affect my leadership abilities, and creates a roadmap that will result in change to accomplish set, realistic goals. This paper will outline my core values, convey my vision statement, and outline methods I use for follow-up and evaluation of personal goal objectives. The first step in reaching my leadership potential is to identify and understand my personal core values. My core valuesRead MoreMy Core Values : Leadership, Openness, Respect, And Faith1425 Words   |  6 PagesMy core values are leadership, openness, respect, compassion, equality and faith. The reading impacted these core values, because I learned as a social worker, you must occasionally take leadership. Openness is always important when working with individuals, families, groups, and communities of different backgrounds. Everyone deserves respect, and being that I will be working with individuals that are going through tough situations, I have to always have respect. Compassion is a must because I wantRead MoreDevelopment of My Personal Core Values Essay1348 Words   |  6 PagesPersonal values are something which we develop through the course of life; they can change over time and may be influenced by our family, friends, culture, religion and the media. Personal values develo p through experience and development, they impact our personal lives as well as our professional lives. This essay will look at my personal values, how they were shaped through the course of my life and the influence on my view of society and the role of the practitioner. Conclusively, I will outlineRead MoreToni Nightingale s Theory Into My Core Values857 Words   |  4 Pagesa critical role in its development. Being a future nurse, I am inspired by Nightingale’s advocacy for nursing as a profession and her environmental theory which regards nursing as both science and art. Throughout my career, I intend to incorporate Nightingale’s theory into my core values in order to improve patient care. Evolution of Nursing In early civilization, most individuals had faith in animism, which is the belief that evil spirits had the ability to help or harm mankind (Taylor, 2014).Read MoreEssay about My Core Values and How I Learned Them644 Words   |  3 PagesWhat are your core values? My core values consist of the following: accomplishment, benevolent, determined, gallant, helpful, merciful, opportunity, optimistic, perseverance and vigorous. Where/how did you learn these values? I had learned these core values from my family, teachers/professors, peers and myself. While I was younger to the age I am now, I was shown how important it is to have strong characteristics that make you a person. Everything I had been through I had lost and gain some of

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